Tree and Plant Guard

Received the National Home Gardening Club Member Tested Seal of Approval, 2003



"It (Tree-Mate-O) is the best tree support system we have found."

 -Bartlett Tree Research Laboratories


"It’s a great product for our West Texas winds. We even have days of sustained winds at 30 mph and the supports hardly break a sweat. We also get strong thunderstorms fairly regularly with gusts into the 70 mph range…the (Tree- Mate-O ) supports are solid. Nothing works better…thanks again.)"

 -Dr. Russell Wilke

Angelo State University


"I originally bought two Tree-Mate-Os and they not only did a better job of holding the saplings in high wind, they look better, are easier to mow around and do not require maintenance. I have now replaced every stake and string tree support in my yard. As I plant more trees, I’ll use nothing else but Tree-Mate-Os."

 -Bob Clark

Edison, OH Internet Customer


"I currently have about 500 trees staked with this product. We have had a series of severe thunderstorms, with winds exceeding 40 mph. To date we have had a 0% failure rate of trees or stakes. The Tree Mate O exceeds all others in effectiveness, ease of installation, cost, ease of reuse and as a deterrent to vandalism."

 -Sarasota County Forestry Division


"The TMO-Pros worked great for us this year. We are on a windy hill in McMinnville, TN and need support like this for our trees. I am sure we will be using them again next year."

 -Donna Fare, Research
National Arboretum